Ricky/Slackboy has extensive knowledge in many many facets of bike repair and riding/racing. He's been racing mountain bikes for over 25 years, XC, DH, "enduro", 12hr solo's on fixed CX bikes (ok once) CX (fixie again) and general bike hackery. He's a really crap road rider, but likes road bike regardless. He'll talk straight and give you no nonsense advice. He's well versed in Custom builds, Inhouse suspension rebuilds, Race Prepping, Road bikes, XC bikes, DH bikes, Trail bikes, "Enduro" bikes, Reverb Servicing, Wheel builds, and bodgery of otherwise unfixable items.

Workshop Labour Charges

Basic Service $60

Recommended only for basic bikes and kids bikes:

  • Set and Tune gears

  • Set and Tune Brakes

  • Check and Tighten all nuts and bolts to torque spec

  • True wheels

  • Test ride

General Service $100

Recommended for most bikes - a clean drivetrain is a happy drivetrain:

  • Degrease and clean Chain, Cluster and Chainrings

  • Set and Tune Gears

  • Set and Tune Brakes

  • Check and Tighten all bolts to torque spec

  • True Wheels

  • Test ride

Executive Service $200

The Ultimate birthday for your bike:

  • Strip all components from bike, clean and degrease

  • Reassemble with high quality grease and lube

  • Set and Tune Gears

  • Set and Tune Brakes

  • Torque all bolts to spec

  • True and tension wheels

  • Test ride

(+ Fork basic fork Service $40, full fork service $55, air can $25
 Suspension pivots from $50)

Filthy Dirty Bikes will incur a minimum $25 cleaning fee

Suspension Servicing

  • Basic Fork Service $50 (remove lowers, clean and inspect, rebuild with fresh oil)

  • Full Fork Service from $100 (full strip, clean and inspect, rebuild with fresh oil)

  • Air Can Service $35

  • Full shock rebuild  - from $100

  • Suspension Pivot Service from $90

All seals and parts extra

Brake Servicing

  • Basic Brake Adjustment $25

  • Disc Brake Bleed $35

Gear Servicing

  • Tune Gears from $30

  • Replace Drivetrain $70

  • BB replacement from $45


  • Punctures $20 including tube

  • True Wheels $25

  • Replace spoke and tension from $35 + spoke/s

  • Wheel Build $90 (carbon rims and funky styles may cost extra)

Hourly Rate $90

Minimum Labour Charge $15


·       Specialist Tool Charge - $20

·       Kids Bike assembly - $45

·       Basic bike assembly from Box - $80

·       Pack bike in box for shipping - $50

·       Insurance Quote - $50 (in advance)